Only Mobicash prepaid bank cards can be reloaded with money by a reload operation from a bank card registered in the service as a reload card.

The subscriber must first be registered with his Mobicash prepaid bank card to be able to use this option.


1- In a first step, the subscriber adds the top-up bank card to the service:

2- Choose 9: option then 2: Reload credit card

3- Choose 1: Add

4- Follow the menu

5- The subscriber can only add one single top-up card

6- Once he has added the top-up card, the user can top up the Mobicash prepaid bank card by continuing with the following steps:

7- Choose 9: option then 2: Reload credit card

8- Choose 5: reload my Mobicash card

9- Enter the amount to top up in millimes.

10- Confirm the operation with your confidential code after receiving a summary message displaying the amount to be topped up and the amount of the fees.

A notification and an SMS will confirm the success of the operation

1.5% (VAT excluded) on the amount recharged, applied to the bank card
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