The Mobicash service makes it possible to transfer money from a Mobicash subscriber to another Mobicash subscriber registered with a Mobicash prepaid bank card.

The person receiving the money (the recipient) must be registered with the Mobicash service with a Mobicash prepaid bank card.

To transfer money, the sender (the one who sends the money) just needs to follow these steps:

1- Choose “Transfers” type 4: then 1: Transfer to Mobicash card.

2- Enter the Ooredoo phone number of the recipient of the transfer.

3- Enter the amount in millimes that you wish to transfer.

4- Confirm the transfer with your confidential code from the Mobicash service.

The money will be debited directly from the bank account of the person sending the money (the sender). As soon as the transfer operation is completed (the operation is done in real time), two transfer success messages will be sent to the sender and the recipient


1.5% (excluding VAT) on the amount transferred. These costs will be borne by the sender.

The minimum transfer amount is 1 DT per day with a maximum amount of 1000 DT per day.

The subscriber can make up to 20 transfers per day.

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