The person requesting money (The requester) and the person sending money (the sender) must both be registered with the Mobicash service.

The applicant must be registered for the Mobicash service with a Mobicash prepaid bank card

To request money, the Mobicash requestor only needs to follow these steps:

1- Dial *122#
2- Choose "Transfers" type 4 then 2: Request money.
3- Enter the Ooredoo phone number of the person you are requesting money from (the sender).
4- Enter the requested amount (in millimes).
5- Confirm the money request (the amount with the fees) with your service PIN.

The sender can respond to your request or reject it
1- The sender enters the USSD menu of the Mobicash service on 4: transfer then 3: Respond to a request for money
He thus consults the pending requests. If there are several, he selects the one he wants to answer. It can accumulate up to 3 pending requests.
2- When choosing the request to which he wants to respond, a summary of the request is displayed with the requester's telephone number and the amount. He validates the request with his confidential code.
3- A success sms is sent to the sender and to the requester to confirm the operation.


1.5% (excluding VAT) on the amount transferred. These costs will be borne by the sender.

The minimum transfer amount is 1 DT per day with a maximum amount of 1000 DT per day.

The subscriber can make up to 20 transfers per day.

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