New ! Buy now your smartphone or tablet easily for up to 24 months and this exclusively on eshop ooredoo , in partnership with the UIB!

This offer is valid for products whose purchase amount is between 300DT and 1992DT*.
A credit simulator is at your disposal to calculate your repayment capacity.

Buy your smartphone in just a few clicks!

1. Go to the page of the desired smartphone

2. Simulate your credit by clicking on UIB SIMULATOR

3. Validate the pre-order request

4. Upload your ID

5. Fill in your personal information

6. Download the pre-order form (quote)

7. Present this form to your UIB agency for study * .

What is the downloaded pre-order form used for?

The pre-order form is an Ooredoo quote, containing all the information relating to the product you wish to purchase easily through UIB. You must submit this form to your bank for review.

I am a UIB customer. What are the terms and conditions for buying for convenience?

All you have to do is go to your agency with the pre-order form downloaded from the ooredoo eshop . Your file will consist of the loan contract (to be signed and legalized), a direct debit of salary or an assignment on salary (commitment given by the UIB customer adviser) and UIB life insurance. For more information on opening a UIB account and the smartphone credit offer, go to the website or at a UIB branch.

I don't have a UIB account. What to do ?

Carefree ! You can always make a purchase by convenience by providing the following documents to the UIB agency of your choice: work certificate, a UIB loan application, identity document (CIN or passport). For more information on opening a UIB account, go to or at a UIB branch.

What is the bank's response time for my loan application?

The study of the file and the validation of your ability to repay are carried out in a UIB agency. It is necessary to ensure the completeness of your credit file for a quick response.

What is the procedure to follow once the loan file has been established in the bank?

If your request is validated, you must sign a transfer order in favor of Ooredoo at the UIB agency where your account is domiciled, mentioning the reference entered on your pre-order. Your bank account will be debited each month, during the chosen commitment period, by the payment amount agreed with the bank.

How will I know whether or not the bank has accepted my loan request?

Your UIB bank adviser is at your disposal for an appointment in order to study your eligibility and validate your ability to reimburse in branch.

What is the validity of my pre-order?

15 days from date of pre-order (including bank delays). In other words, the item will be reserved for you during the validity period.

What happens if the pre-order deadline has passed?

If Ooredoo does not receive a favorable response from your bank to your loan file during the validity period, the pre-order will be automatically cancelled.

Where can I pick up my order?

At the Ooredoo store of your choice. You will be contacted by our representative to inform you that your order is ready.

Can I receive my order at home?

Yes, you can have it delivered to the address of your choice.

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