With the Mobiflouss service you have access to mobility! No need to travel or wait for administrative hours to carry out financial transactions such as:
  • Recharge your line or that of another person
  • Transfer to another user registered with Mobiposte (Mobiflouss, Mobidinar, Mobimoney) with a postal e-dinar card, regardless of their operator
  • The transfer of money to another Mobicash user registered with a Mobicash prepaid bank card
  • Collection of money orders
  • Collection of money orders
  • Payment of bills

The Mobiflouss service is the result of a collaboration between La Poste Tunisiene and Ooredoo.

You can benefit from the Mobiflouss service if you have an e-DINAR SMART prepaid card acquired from one of the La Poste agencies and if you have an Ooredoo GSM line.


The Mobiflouss service can be activated from all Ooredoo offers and on all types of mobile phones.

Registration for the Mobiflouss service is simple and free.

You must first acquire an e-DINAR SMART card at the nearest post office.

Step 1: Dial *112# from your mobile and follow the instructions in the Mobiflouss menu

Step 2: Enter the number of the National Identity Card,

Step 3: Enter the last 4 digits of the e-DINAR SMART card number

Step 4: Enter the 4-digit confidential code of the e-DINAR SMART card

Two welcome text messages will be sent to you to confirm your registration.

You can therefore connect to *112# from your mobile phone at any time to recharge your line or that of another, transfer money, pay your bills or cash money orders.


The costs of using the Mobiflouss service:

  • 10 dt for the acquisition and renewal (5 years) of the e-DINAR SMART card
  • 5 dt for the annual renewal of the e-DINAR SMART card
  • 1 fixed dt per transfer
  • 0.500 dt for the payment of an invoice
  • Everything else is free
Can I lend my line and temporarily suspend my Mobiflouss service?

As long as you do not communicate your 4-digit PIN code, no one will be able to use your Mobiflouss account

Can I register two e-DINAR SMART cards with the same telephone number?

No, this is not possible, a telephone number can only be associated with a single e-DINAR SMART card

What happens if I receive a call during a payment?

If you receive a call during a payment transaction, it is advisable to complete the payment in progress, until you receive an SMS confirming that the payment has been made successfully, otherwise your transaction may be interrupted.

Is the Mobiflouss service compatible with all mobile phones?

Yes USSD technology is. You can use the Mobiflouss service without worrying about the compatibility of your phone because it is accessible from any phone

Is my Mobiflouss service operational immediately after my registration?

As soon as you register for the Mobiflouss service via your mobile, you will be able to take advantage of all the features of the service.

In case of renewal of my physical card, should I re-register for the service or not?

No, as long as you have not unsubscribed, your Mobiflouss account will be valid. You must re-register if La Poste provides you with a new e-DINAR SMART card number

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