Browse your favorite websites with Flexi Internet Packages:

These packages are valid for 4G and 3G!

Internet packages
Flexi 1d Mini* 100MB 0.5 dt Midnight
Flexi 1d 220 MB 1 dt Midnight
Flexi 2d 440 MB 2 dt 2 days
Flexi 1.25GB 1.25 GB 5 dt 30 days
Flexi 30d 2.8 GB 10 dt 30 days
BIG Flexi (30d) 6 GB 15 dt 30 days

* The Flexi 1 day Mini is automatically renewable every day.

Discover the Flexi+

The most generous Internet plans in terms of volume
These packages are valid for 4G and 3G!

Flexi+ packagesFlexi 25GBXtra-FlexiFlexi 55GB
internet volume 25 GB 35 GB 55 GB
Free minutes* - 120 mins* -
Services** - Starzplay** -
Validity 30 days 30 days 30 days
Price 25 TND 40 TND 50 TND

Minutes* : Enjoy free calls to all operators

Starzplay**: Access thousands of recent series and the best of Hollywood movies

For the Plus package offer, subscription fees for Internet packages are deducted from the recharge account
To subscribe to internet plans, dial *124# or connect to Eddenyalive from your mobile directly via .
Can I combine other internet packages with the Awal Net package?

Yes, you can combine any other mobile internet plan with the Awal Net plan: Flexi plans, the Combined plan, the Facebook plan and the Facebook Plus plan.

If I use up the Awal Net package before the end of the month, can I buy a second one?

Yes, you can renew the purchase of your Awal Net plan several times during the same month. The plan will automatically renew 30 days from the date of the last purchased plan.

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