What is an eSIM?

After the macro and nano sim, the esim is an embedded sim at the level of some models
smartphones but also connected objects such as watches!


  • Same use as the ordinary sim: internet, calls and sms
  • The customer can manage both thanks to the dual esim 2 personal and pro offers at the same time!
  • Package sharing with connected objects


Live a 100% touchless experience!
  • No need to move in case of change of sim on your phone or operator
  • No need to adapt the sim to the format required for your smartphone.
How to benefit from it?

Online by clicking on Change my SIM to eSIM or go to one of the Ooredoo stores

What is an Esim

After the SIM card, the mini-SIM, the micro-SIM and the nano-SIM, make way for the eSIM! The eSIM or embedded SIM is a "virtual" SIM card previously integrated by the manufacturer into a device: smartphone, tablet or any connected object.

How does an eSIM work?

The eSIM works the same way as a traditional SIM, except you don't need a physical SIM. It is automatically integrated into your device; all you have to do is scan the QR code received during activation.

What are the uses of an eSIM?

The same as those of a physical sim (calls, internet, sms). Many devices will be compatible with the eSIM - handsets, wearables, IoT, etc.

What are the benefits of an eSIM?

You don't have to cut a SIM card according to the size of your device slot or find a SIM adapter.
You can manage two different lines from the same device for iphone users (dual sim option). It also means, one pro number, another for personal use; Have separate voice and data plans from Ooredoo.
You will no longer miss a call thanks to the sharing of the activation of the esim with wearables and connected objects such as your connected watches.

Which devices are eSIM compatible?

A variety of smartphones from different brands are compatible such as (iPhone, XR, XS, XS max, 12, 11), Samsung S20, S20 ultra, etc. are examples.

How much does it cost ?

When taking a new eSIM (a new number):

  • Service activation costs are free .
  • Acquiring a new eSIM is free .
When switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM: it's Free
Can I keep my number when changing from a sim to an eSIM?

Yes of course you will keep your number.

Will I be able to use the eSIM + a normal SIM card in the same device?

Yes - you can have 2 numbers (one on eSIM and the other on a physical SIM card). You can select one number as PRIMARY and the other as SECONDARY.

I want to buy an ooredoo eSIM, how do I do that?

Here are the steps to follow to acquire an eSIM on the ooredoo eShop:

1. Go to Ooredoo.tn / Mobile / eSIM / Change your SIM to eSIM

2. First check that your device is eSIM compatible (it must be on the list of compatible smartphones)

3. Choose the offer that suits you

4. Fill in your personal information (with upload ID)

5. Pay the fees of the chosen offer

6. An order registration email will be sent to you.

7. Once your data is compliant, you will receive a second email with your QR code

8. Activate your eSIM profile by scanning the QR code received

Place your order here

How to install the eSIM?

No installation required; no need to open the device. A QR code will be provided to you and all you have to do is go to your smartphone settings.
In settings, click on Add cellular/data plan, then the QR code will be scanned and the profile will be downloaded after a few steps (instructions on the device will guide you to complete the process).

Are eSIM services available to all customers of all plans?

Yes, your device should also be ESIM compatible

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