Choose up to 5 Ooredoo numbers,
and support their calls even if they have no more balance

"Exasperated with beeps and 'please call me' texts, Dhayafni is the perfect solution for my children to be able to reach me at any time, even if they are short of balance, which is often the case"

Raja, Ooredoo Subscriber

Activation steps

Step 1: Register

Dial *113#.

Step 2: Add a number

Type 2 to enter up to 5 numbers of your choice

Your correspondents will receive an SMS informing them that from now on you will take charge of their calls

Step 3: Calls

When the correspondent, whom you have subscribed to the Dhayafni service, calls you by dialing #3# before your number, you will receive an SMS informing you that this call will be at your expense. If you answer, you will be billed for the call at the usual minute price of your offer.

If your correspondent does not dial #3# before your number, the call will be at his expense.

Step 4: Follow-up of the chosen numbers

Add, view or delete numbers at any time by dialing *113#

Can I change my favorite numbers?

You have the possibility to add up to 5 favorite numbers whose calls you can support. And at any time, you can manage your list by adding or removing numbers for free.

Once the registration is done, how do I inform my favorite numbers that they can call me even if they have no balance?

After each addition of a favorite number, an informative SMS will be sent to him to explain the details of the use of the service (composition of #3# before your number)

What if I don't want to pick up a Dhayafni call?

The Dhayafni call is preceded by an SMS informing you that you will take the next call. So it's up to you, you can just not pick up the call, the number of which will be preceded by #3#

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