With the Ta7wil-Net service, you can transfer an Internet volume to another Mobile number or Ooredoo Key !

*For the price of 50 millimes only, you can fund another mobile number with a card, package, a pre-paid or capped key.


Dial *124# , then in the Services section, choose the Ta7wil-Net command.

Simply enter the mobile number or Key of your choice and enter the volume to be transferred.

Can I transfer the volume I want to another Ooredoo subscriber?

No, you can transfer an internet volume ranging from 100 MB to 1 GB per transfer action.

Can I transfer internet volume as much as I can?

You cannot exceed 10 transfers per month capped at 1 GB per transfer.

Can I transfer an internet volume to a number (mobile/key) that has not yet exhausted its internet package?

Yes it's possible! The ta7wil –Net action is not linked to the consumption of the recipient subscriber.

How do I track my latest Ta7wil Net transactions?

Simply dial *124# then in the Services section, choose the Ta7wi-Net command:

Is it possible to carry out a Ta7wil-Net operation to a non-Ooredoo number?

No, Ta7wil-Net is only valid to Ooredoo numbers.

What is the validity of the internet volume transferred?

The validity of a transfer is 24 hours.

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