Your Internet package is exhausted and you no longer have a top-up balance to buy a new package?
Do not panic ! The Kridi Net service helps you out with an Internet credit that will be deducted from your next recharge.

Discover the new Kridi net options:

Option 1: 100 MB at 650 millimes, valid for 24 hours,
Option 2 (New): 200MB at 1.2DT, valid for 2 Days,
Option 3 (New): 400MB at 2.2DT, valid for 3 Days.

The Kridi Net service is intended for mobile card subscribers.



1133 is a notification SMS sent by Ooredoo when your internet balance is exhausted and your recharge balance is less than 0.500DT.
Just select an option and the Kridi Net service will be activated.

You have the possibility to:
-Disable SMS notification by texting “STOP” to 1133.
-Reactivate SMS notification at any time by sending "START" to 1133.


You can also activate Kridi Net at any time by dialing *124*8#.

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