• Centrex technology allows you to benefit from a virtual switchboard offering, in addition to all the features of a traditional switchboard, new exclusive features.
  • The voice services platform is 100% managed by Ooredoo and hosted in its Data Center with very high availability.
  • Access to the platform is only via a Very High Speed Ooredoo internet link.
Voice call continuity
You receive an important call on your Landline number and you must answer! But you also have to leave the office...

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Fixed/Mobile Convergence

I forgot my cell phone at home!

Do not panic!
You are already reachable on several devices thanks to Fixed Mobile Convergence

Short numbers

Do I have to memorize all the telephone numbers of my 10 employees?

Absolutely impractical!

Screening Service

Unknown number! Who is it ?

I don't want to answer without knowing his identity

Group Post
Thanks to the Group Post service, no call is lost or taken by several people.
What are the main advantages of the Business Centrex offer?

Business Centrex offers you a virtual switchboard hosted in the Ooredoo Data Center. You no longer need to invest in the purchase and maintenance of a voice platform.
All the formulas of the offer are in Opex mode. You only have to pay a monthly fee with no set-up costs.
You benefit exclusively from fixed-mobile convergence. You will be reachable wherever you are.

How can I benefit from fixed-mobile convergence?

You have to choose the Platinum license. In addition to fixed-mobile convergence, this license allows you to consult your voicemail wherever you are. It also allows you to receive an email notification when a message is received in your inbox and attached to your message. You get the MyIstra app and several advanced features for free.

How can I benefit from the Centrex business offer?

To take advantage of the offer, please contact your account manager.

What is the maximum number of users?

No limitation on the number of users of the solution. For each user you choose a license, communications packages and one or more terminals. You can mix the two types of licenses within the same organization.

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