Browse your favorite websites with Evolution plans.

With the Evolution package, enjoy a monthly volume of 6 GB at the price of 15 TND / month.

Once activated, the Evolution plan will automatically renew each month and be valid for one calendar month.

Additional packages

If your Evolution package runs out, you can purchase the same package or a Start, Expert or Flexi 25GB or Flexi 55GB package as additional packages (one-time purchase not automatically renewable).
You can also subscribe to the 1GB package from + to 4.5DT (valid until the end of the month) even if your monthly package is not yet exhausted. In this case, you combine the monthly plan and the 1 GB plan +

The Evolution package is charged to your monthly bill.

To subscribe to the Evolution package:
Dial *124# on your mobile.
Log on to or to the My Ooredoo Application
Or via form at the Ooredoo Boutiques.

If I buy an Evolution package during the month, do I pay a prorated price?

No, the price as well as the volume will not be prorated.

Can I combine an Evolution package as an additional purchase, with one of the following volumes: Start, Expert or Flexi 25GB or an automatically renewable Flexi 55GB?

Yes, you can buy an Evolution plan even if you have one of the volumes mentioned above in automatic renewal.

If my monthly Evolution plan runs out before the end of the month, can I buy an additional plan?

Yes, if your monthly Evolution plan is exhausted, it is possible to purchase an Evolution, Start, Expert, Flexi 25 GB or 55 GB plan in additional plan mode, which is valid for 30 days.

Do I have to have a Start or Expert, Evolution or Flexi 25 GB, or Flexi 55 GB plan to be able to buy 1 GB more?

Yes, the 1 GB + plans are only available if you subscribe to the above plan

Can I purchase multiple 1GB+ packages per month?

Yes, you can purchase multiple 1GB+ packages in a single month.

Is the 1 GB + plan renewable automatically?

No, the 1 GB + package is not automatically renewable. It is valid until the end of the current month.

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