Subscribing to the Office in a Box offer allows you to benefit from:

  • A very high speed Internet connection (ADSL and Fiber Optic FTTx)
  • An IPBX (mini-telephone switchboard) embedded in the Box Pro
  • Voice with the possibility of operating up to 6 telephone sets (DECT and/or IP)
  • Up to 12 simultaneous calls (2 simultaneous calls per extension)
  • Security features such as IPSec VPN
  • A range of professional services: Professional email, Web hosting, Fixed IP addresses

You can also call freely thanks to:

  • Unlimited to all Ooredoo landline numbers and the company's mobile fleet
  • To shared Fixed Voice plans
  • The package bonus granted by Ooredoo
  • At advantageous minute prices (in the package and outside the package)
technical sheet
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • FTTH (Fiber) interfaces: 10/100/1000 Base-T port
  • 2 USB ports
  • WAN interfaces: DSL port (ADSL2+VDSL2)
  • Wireless connectivity

To learn more about the Box Pro and how to use it, download the user guide .

How is the offer billed?

This is a purely post-paid offer. You receive an invoice at the end of each month containing the monthly fee for your access, communications outside the package and additional options.

Is the voice plan shared between all lines?

Yes the voice package is shared between all lines.

What are the contractual documents?

For Fiber Optic access:

  • Ooredoo contract + Proof of identity + Proof of residence + Proof of income.

For ADSL access:

  • 2 TT contracts + Ooredoo contract + Proof of identity For more details, call 1144 or visit the nearest Ooredoo store.
How to benefit from the voice after the exhaustion of my package?

When the package is exhausted, you will be billed in PAYG with the non-package minutes prices

What are the minute rates?

In the package:

  • To landline and national mobile: 110 mil/min including tax
  • Towards international: rates in effect

Out package :

  • To national landline: 125 mil/min including tax
  • To national mobile: 125 mil/min including VAT
  • Towards international: rates in effect
How can I track my Voice usage?

You can monitor your bundled and out-of-bundle voice consumption via the IVR 1136.

What is the maximum number of phone lines?

The maximum number of lines is equal to 6 per access. Two lines are included in the basic offer. The additional lines, up to 4, are billed as an option.

Can I mix IP phones and Dect?

Yes. The maximum number of Dect is 2.
The maximum number of IP phones is 6.
The total number of lines and telephones must not exceed 6.
The customer can, for example, have two Dect and 4 IP phones. NB: In the 6 IP Phones configuration, the customer must have a Switch because the Box only has 4 RJ45 ports.

How to subscribe to the offer?

To benefit from the Office in a Box offer, contact your manager or go to the nearest Ooredoo store.

Do I have to pay for phones in one shot?

No, you can choose the monthly payment method. Indeed, you have the possibility of paying in one shot (on the first invoice published) or monthly according to the period of commitment.

Can I add additional lines and phones during the commitment period?

Yes you can add optional lines billed at 5DTHT/month/line. Phones added during the commitment period are billed in one shot.

What is the commitment period?

The commitment period is 24 months for Fiber Optic access and 12 months for ADSL access.

How do I know that my office is fiber eligible?

The FTTx zones are: Lac1, Ennasr, CUN, Montplaisir, ZI route de Gabès and ZI poudrière Sfax. To check the eligibility of your office, call 1144 or go to the nearest Ooredoo store.

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