Subscribing to Ooredoo's Fiber Pro offer gives you reliable access, at very high speed up to 100Mbps, 100 times faster than a conventional ADSL connection.

The Fiber Pro offer brings together all your telecom needs: Internet access, Fixed Voice and professional services. It gives you:

  • An internet connection up to 100 Mbps
  • A backup package
  • Of a voice line
  • Professional services: Fixed IP address, professional email, domain name
  • A dedicated hotline for any request concerning Fiber

Offers only eligible in FTTx areas.


USB ports to take advantage of 3G

Mobility thanks to WIFI connectivity

Ethernet ports to connect your terminals (pc, printer)

The advantages of the Box
  • Supports voice over IP.
  • Printer sharing.
  • Hard disk sharing.
  • Dynamic-DNS.

To learn more about the Box and its use, download the box user guide

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