• Dial *112#
  • Enter the confidential 4-digit PIN code
  • Choose "collect money" by typing "4"
  • Choose "collect a minute money order" by typing "1"
  • Enter the 12-digit mandate code
  • Enter the amount of the money order to be collected in millimes between 0 and 3,000,000 dt
  • Validate by entering the confidential PIN code (4 digits) of the e-DINAR SMART card.


  • Number of collection transactions per day: unlimited
  • Minimum amount to be cashed: 0 millimes
  • Maximum amount to be collected: 3,000,000 dt (The amount collected may exceed the maximum balance of the e-DINAR SMART card)
  • Pricing: free service
Someone sent me a money order. How to cash it?

To cash your money order, simply retrieve your money order code from your sender. Enter this 12-digit code followed by the amount, followed by your secret PIN in the "collect a minute mandate" section of your Mobiflouss menu. You will receive a cashout success SMS with your new balance.

What types of mandates can I collect via Mobiflouss?

You now have the option of cashing minute money orders and stock market money orders. Soon you will be able to cash other types of mandates via Mobiflouss

My e-DINAR SMART card is capped at 2000 dt and I received a money order for more than that sum. Can I cash it anyway?

Yes, the money order collection operation allows you to exceed your e-DINAR SMART account limit which is 2000 dt.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of a mandate that I can cash on my phone?

You can cash a money order for an amount from 0 to 3000 dt. There is no limit on the number of money orders to be cashed. The money order collection operation allows you to exceed your e-DINAR SMART account limit which is 2000 dt.

I tried to cash a mandate but a message is displayed telling me that the mandate is awaiting validation. What does it mean ?

The mandate is still being processed at the Swiss Post mandate centre. You can try to cash it later or go to a post office for more information

I cashed a money order but I can't find the right amount in my balance?

This is probably a handling error. Check the amount of the mandate you have just cashed or remember your balance before the cashing operation.

When I try to cash a money order, a message appears telling me that I am not the recipient of the money order. What does it mean ?

There are two possibilities :

  • Either the sender mentioned a name other than yours when the money order was issued
  • Either you are using a Mobiflouss account that is not in your name
How do I get someone to send me a money order and how much does it cost my sender?

Your sender just needs to go to a post office and send you a money order. To do this, he must indicate you as the recipient of the mandate by mentioning your first and last name on the mandate form. Your sender must also mention the amount he wants to send you. He finally gives you the 12-digit mandate code so that you can cash it on your phone via Mobiflouss.

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