A temporary number for selling property, conducting business or other special uses

Dial *118# follow the steps until you receive an SMS containing your new Nwimer

Subscription fees: 3 dt

Option accessible for all card, package and bill Awal subscribers

Nwimer Story

“I put my car up for sale online and I didn't want to show my personal number on the internet, I especially didn't want to be bothered after selling my car and still getting calls. The solution was Nwimer!

I received calls about the sale of my car on my Nwimer, which I deactivated in the evening. Even when calling interested people, they saw my nwimer displayed and not my personal number. I sold my car, with peace of mind and at a good price too „

Slim, Ooredoo subscriber


  • How to use Nwimer to call? Dial #8# followed by the number of your correspondent
    Your Nwimer is displayed on the screen of the caller and not your personal number
  • How can I recognize a number if it calls me on my Nwimer? If someone calls you on your Nwimer: #8# followed by the caller's number is displayed on your screen. You can thus differentiate those who call you on your personal number from those who call you on your Nwimer
  • Can Nwimer be enabled/disabled at will? You can temporarily disable your Nwimer when you want to take a break. You therefore no longer receive any calls on the Nwimer number. You can reactivate it at any time. To activate/reactivate Nwimer, dial *118*3#



Nwimer is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can renew the validity of Nwimer at will according to the period of your choice

30 days 60 days 90 days
2dt 4 dt 5 dt
Can I call everyone with my Nwimer?

You have the option of making any type of call with Nwimer: on all local networks and even internationally (provided that the destination Operator does not restrict calls with a prefix). Just dial #8# before your correspondent's number

What is the price of communications via the Nwimer service?

Nwimer follows the nature of your Ooredoo offer: you keep exactly the same pricing for that of your offer. Example, if you are a Carta Klem subscriber, you call all operators from your Nwimer at 90 mil/min.

How are calls from my Nwimer billed?

The Nwimer service follows the same consumption priorities as your main offer (Bonus, Options, recharge account, etc.)

What is the maximum validity of the Nwimer Service?

You can renew the validity of Nwimer at will and as many times as you wish as follows:

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