In order to also be able to offer the Mobicash service to customers who do not have a bank card or who do not want to use their bank card, Ooredoo is launching, in collaboration with Attijari Bank and MasterCard, a Mobicash prepaid bank card.
For who ?
For everyone
  • Unbanked people.
  • Banked people who do not have a bank card.
  • People who have a classic bank card but who do not want to use it for online payments on Mobicash.

The Mobicash prepaid bank card is sold by simple presentation of the national identity card (or passport or residence permit) in:

  • Ooredoo shops
  • Attijari Bank branches.

The subscriber does not need to have an existing bank account and does not need to open a new one.

Characteristics of the mobicash card
Enjoy 140 MB of Internet in Saudi Arabia at only 5 DT.
The package is valid for all offers, for 15 days.

The Mobicash card can be used like any bank card:
It allows you to pay on a TPE or on the WEB. It allows the withdrawal of money from an ATM (free operation on Attijari Bank ATMs)
This prepaid bank card allows you to register with Mobicash and access exclusive services:

  • Recharge an Ooredoo line
  • Money transfer to a Mobicash subscriber also registered with a Mobicash card. (More details)
  • Request money from another Mobicash subscriber registered with a bank card.
  • Payment from a merchant
How to recharge it?

The Mobicash card can be topped up with money:

  • At an Attijari Bank branch counter by depositing cash.
  • At an Attijari Bank ATM, from a bank card.
  • By transfer to a Mobicash subscriber registered with this Mobicash card.
  • From a bank card directly on the mobile by adding the bank card as a top-up card (menu 9: option / top-up card).
Price of the card 10 DT TTC
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