What is Sayartech?

Sayartech is a revolutionary product that allows you to transform your vehicle into a connected vehicle.
Sayartech consists of a box supplied with an Ooredoo SIM card to be installed in the blink of an eye on the diagnostic port located in the passenger compartment of your vehicle.


A detailed analysis of your movements and your driving style through a score out of 100.

  • Alerts in case of theft, displacement, or impact on your vehicle.
  • Anticipation of possible breakdowns through status alerts and reminders of the main maintenance deadlines.
  • Benefits and discounts on your car insurance contract.

The safety of your vehicle anywhere and anytime!

  • Locate your vehicle in case of theft (even if the vehicle leaves the territory).
  • Follow the movement of your loved ones and be reassured of their arrival at their destination.
  • Messages and tips on how to best maintain your vehicle.
  • You receive a notification in case of:
    • New location of the vehicle if removed by a pound.
    • Abnormality or defect (such as battery to be replaced).
    • Detection of shocks or faults on the vehicle, especially when the vehicle is parked.
    • Case torn off, theft, etc.
  • Share your location in real time with the “Follow Me” feature.

Road safety and eco-driving

  • You will receive a score for each trip allowing you to improve your driving and reduce your fuel consumption.
  • You will be informed about road traffic and vigilance zones.
  • You receive a notification in case of:
  • Deadline for the payment of your insurance, sticker or next maintenance dates.
  • Maximum speed exceeded.
  • You view the history of your journeys.

But still..

  • Sayartech is a 100% Tunisian product and the first in the field of intelligent vehicles
  • Your vehicle is connected and you chat with it on the Facebook Messenger application,
  • Your data is 100% secure and stored on Tunisian territory in accordance with the regulations in force.
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