New Mobile Wi-Fi:
the essential pocket Wi-Fi router for your internet connections on the move and in complete autonomy

The new E5730 Wi-Fi mobile is a stand-alone Wi-Fi router with built-in battery for your mobile connections.

It allows you to connect to the Ooredoo internet network, the best internet network in Tunisia*, with a speed of up to 42 Mbps.
Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can share your high-speed Internet with up to 10 simultaneous connections and with all your Wi-Fi compatible devices: Smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

Mobility and autonomy

Thanks to its 5200mAh capacity battery, the Mobile Wi-Fi allows you to connect on the move and in complete freedom. It has an autonomy of 16 hours on the Internet, and 500 hours in Standby mode.
To give you maximum freedom and keep all your devices powered, the Mobile Wi-Fi E5730 also has a built-in Power Bank so you can plug in your devices for power transfer when needed.
Thanks to its LAN port, you can also use the Mobile Wi-Fi as a fixed router and connect your devices via a shared Wi-Fi connection.

*according to the study made by the company OOKLA, the world standard in internet metrics

How to install and use the Mobile Wifi?

Download the user guide

How is the Evolution Router plan billed?

The Router evolution package is debited on the monthly invoice.

What does the “My space” section allow me to do?

The "My space" section allows you to:

  • Recharge your router account
  • Check your router balance
  • Track the remaining volume of your plan
  • Buy internet and SMS Max packages
  • Share your connection volume with a mobile number of your choice
How do I top up my Mobile WIFI account?

There are several charging methods:

  • Top-up card or top-up ticket: Connect to your Eddenyalive page and click on the “top up with code” button then insert the top-up code.
  • Recharge light: Simply give the number of your Mobile WiFi to the light retailer.
  • Balance transfer from my mobile to my Mobile WiFi: *120*Mobile WiFi number*amount#
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